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If you enjoy planting annuals in your yard, are seeking to discover new ways to make your life “greener”, or love anything that brings you closer to nature, then you are certain to find a treasure in our garden accessories collection. Farmhouse 17 has an onsite organic garden during the spring and summer months and participates in the local Farmers’ Market selling our fresh produce. Shop our garden accessories in Atlanta Ga. Check us out if you are in the neighborhood!

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Farmhouse 17 is also the home of The Moveable Feast is proud to feature a five course community meal featuring a local guest chef and incorporating our Georgia farm-of-the-month in our menu.  All proceeds benefit a local organization working to end hunger in Georgia.  Most suppers are business casual and the meals range from $65-$75 depending on the menu.  Our suppers run from April to October at Farmhouse 17 in historic downtown Norcross.  We look forward to seeing you for supper!

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Farmhouse 17…(re)purposeful living, features Farmhouse 17…(re)purposeful living, features repurposed vintage furniture Atlanta GA. Also, antiques, accessories, lots of cool vintage items, handmade jewelry, gifts for all ages, and specialty food products.

Shop for one-of-a-kind vintage, recycled and organic items such as antique furniture, handmade jewelry, vintage accessories, garden goods, collectibles, specialty foods and more.