Farmhouse 17 repurposed antique furniture in Norcross GA

repurposed antique in furniture Norcross GAFarmhouse 17…(re)purposeful living, features repurposed antique furniture in Norcross GA. Also, accessories, lots of cool vintage items, jewelry, gifts for all ages, and food products…. a little something for everyone.

The Deep South has always been recognized for its longstanding traditions, creative offspring, and incomparable hospitality. Sandra Brooks and her daughter, Holly Isserstedt, represent two generations of Southern women who have come full circle.

They were both born and reared in MS, Sandra in the 50’s and 60’s and Holly in the 70’s and 80’s. They left their home state of Mississippi as adults at different times and lived in other parts of the country. Sandra was a single mom most of Holly’s life and Holly is now a single mom with two children, Baylor and Emily. Sandra taught school in her twenties and Holly completed her doctorate in English at UGA and still enjoys her passion for teaching. Holly somehow made time to open FARMHOUSE 17 with her mom in Norcross, GA where Holly has lived for three years. In dozens of conversations over the last 15 years since the days when they had worked side-by-side, Holly and Sandra have talked about one day starting another business together. They realize they are among so many who say goodbye to their heritage but that complex thing called “Southern” is in your DNA and it pulls you back with its seductive charm and rich culture.

Sandra moved to Arizona from Mississippi in the early ‘90’s to continue her marketing career in a different environment. She thought that 45 years in the South were enough and wanted a change of scenery. Holly, after graduating from the University of Alabama, followed a few years later and managed her mom’s marketing company as well as became her Mom’s partner in two coffee shops at Sky Harbor International Airport. After five years, Sandra had an opportunity to sell the marketing business and Holly was recruited by the acquisition company’s CEO to join their management staff in the corporate headquarters in Atlanta. Holly said goodbye to her mom again and moved to Atlanta. Sandra remained in AZ until 2005 and then moved to the beach in the Florida Panhandle. Five years later Holly was Mom to two children and Sandra made the move to Atlanta to be near Holly and her grandchildren.

The idea for Farmhouse 17 is a compilation of years and years of both Holly and Sandra’s experiences… personal and business. When they sat down to plan what business they wanted to open, it was important that they include the things that are important to them both…. protecting the environment, creativity and fun, experiential learning, sharing interesting personal stories, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. They rolled all of the items on their wish list into Farmhouse 17…(re)purposeful living, which features repurposed antique furniture in Norcross GA. Also, accessories, lots of cool vintage items, jewelry, gifts for all ages, and food products…. a little something for everyone. They are creating a destination where visitors will come away feeling entertained, informed and thrilled with their new purchases. Many items are one-of-a-kind and most of the other items cannot be obtained in large quantities, so if a person sees something at Farmhouse 17 he/she likes, he had better grab it because it might not be there on the next visit. Whether it’s an antique library file chest or an artifact from the Civil War or a tasty handmade treat, everyone will find something irresistible. Check in often for upcoming workshops, events and featured items. With its own organic garden on premises Farmhouse 17 participates in the Norcross Farmer’s Market and during the spring and summer offers fresh garden items to customers for sampling. Farmhouse 17 also hosts a Moveable Feast venue where an eclectic group who does not know each other participates in enjoying a delicious five-course meal around a community table and in getting acquainted. Each dinner features a different local Georgia farm, executive chef and non-profit to highlight each month. The dishes are prepared using items from that farm. For example, the first Moveable Feast in April highlighted Washington Strawberry Farm and guests enjoyed a brief presentation plus strawberries to take home to fully understand the difference between grocery bought strawberries and the ones straight from the strawberry fields. Warning: It might be impossible to ever buy strawberries from the grocery ever again. Reservations can be made online for the next Moveable Feast. A portion of the proceeds benefits the featured charity of the month. Click from the Farmhouse 17 site or go to